Track Lighting Vs. Recessed Lighting For Commercial Purposes

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If own a boutique store, you know that you have a lot of choices to make, right on down to the lighting. Lighting is essential for showing customers the goods you sell, and for attracting them to your store.  If you are going to have the most basic of lighting, then you can choose from track lighting or recessed lighting. Here are there differences and why you might choose one over the other when it comes time for your commercial lighting installation in your store.

Track Lighting

Track lighting, as the name implies, is lighting attached onto a track. The track is adhered to the ceiling or a wall. Onto the track you can place "x" number of lamps or lights. Each lamp or light slides up and down, or side to side, on the track. You can even purchase articulating lamps that allow you to swing the lamps in all directions while the position of the lamps on the track remains the same.

Track lighting is excellent for store window or alcove lighting, or when you want to highlight some new items in your store. Just simply move and pivot the lamps in the direction of the items you want to highlight. The light helps consumers gravitate toward the new items for sale.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting are a series of bulbs recessed into the ceiling of your shop. They can take the place of outdated (and slightly tacky) shop lights. If you use LED bulbs in the recesses, the store and the recessed areas remain cool and comfortable, not to mention very bright. A lot of boutique shops now use recessed lighting, but they often use it in conjunction with other types of lighting.

The one down side to recessed lighting is changing a bulb. You will need a special tool that can easily grab the recessed bulbs, unscrew them, and remove them. This same tool is used to install fresh bulbs. The tool itself has a very long pole handle so that you do not have to risk life and limb to go after the bulbs while standing on a precarious ladder. Otherwise, you have to climb up to the light bulbs on a ladder after store hours and when most of the lights have been turned off and remove the bulbs very carefully by hand. This tends to be a very difficult and somewhat dangerous process. Contact a company, like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc, for more help.