These Signs Indicate That It's Time To Get Your Bathroom Fan Replaced

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A properly functioning bathroom fan can be useful in a variety of applications, including reducing the smell inside your bathroom after you use the toilet, reducing the condensation in the room so that you can use the mirrors, and lowering the moisture content to lessen the risk of mildew growth. If you use the fan regularly, you'll likely reach a point at which it's no longer working properly and should be replaced — which should prompt you to call a licensed residential electrician in your community to get the job done correctly. Here are some warning signs that suggest this job needs to be done now.

The Fan Is Making New Noises

You should be used to the standard humming sound of the fan, but it's important to quickly catch when the sound no longer seems right. If the fan mechanism has worn out, the fan will be extremely loud when it spins, possibly making a grinding sound. It's also possible that the fan makes a screeching sound when you turn it on. Any new sound coming from the fan should prompt you to call an electrician.

You Can Smell Something Burning

It's a good idea to keep alert for any smells that emanate from the fan when it's running. If you can smell a burning scent, it's a clue that something is worn out in the fan or that some of the electrical components have short circuited. A scent coming from the fan might initially be difficult to detect if you use a lot of scented products in your bathroom, so it's worthwhile to occasionally run the fan when the smell of the bathroom isn't exceptionally strong, as doing so will give you a better ability to detect any smells.

The Fan Trips Its Circuit

If you turn on the fan and quickly find yourself in the dark a moment later, it's likely that the circuit that provides electricity to the bathroom has tripped. While you can go to the circuit breaker panel and flip the breaker back into position, you're getting a clear sign that something is wrong with the current in the area. Avoid using the fan until an electrician can inspect the issue.

It's Not Removing The Humidity

If you use the fan regularly, you should have a rough idea of how long it takes for the mirrors to defog after your shower. If you're consistently noticing that the mirrors are taking a long time until you can use them, something is wrong with the fan.

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