Renovating? Hire An Electrician To Provide These Key Upgrades

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Whether you're handling your upcoming renovation on your own or hiring a licensed contractor for at least some of the work, you have the opportunity to take the new look from satisfying to stunning by hiring electrical contractors for some special additions. While the average licensed electrician can perform a wide range of basic jobs around the house, such as upgrading your circuit breaker panel and installing new lighting fixtures, he or she can also take care of some exciting projects that will make you happier with your home. Consider the nature of your renovation and then talk to an electrician about these upgrades.

Radiant Floor Heating

There's nothing like stepping out of the shower onto heated tiles or dropping your feet over the edge of the bed in the morning and being greeted by a warm floor. You'll experience either or both of these perks by hiring an electrician to install radiant floor heating in the room(s) that you're renovating. Think about this upgrade if you're changing the flooring; removing the current flooring is necessary so that your electrician can run special heating cables throughout the floor, and then connect them to a thermostat-like wall switch somewhere in the room.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters

If you and your family spend a lot of time entertaining people on your deck or patio, especially when you live in a climate with cool weather, it's ideal to think about having outdoor infrared heaters installed. While you can buy free-standing heaters, they're often in the way. It's better to have these heaters mounted to the top of your deck, for example, by a trained electrician. He or she will be able to seamlessly hide the wires and connect the heaters so that they essentially become a part of your outdoor seating area.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches might not seem as big a deal as radiant floor heating and outdoor infrared heaters, but they can certainly make life more pleasant in your home for you and your family. If you've ever been annoyed at walking into the bathroom first thing in the morning, flipping the light switch and being hit with a bright light, you'll appreciate the addition of dimmer switches. Dimmers are ideal in many different rooms, including the bathroom, bedroom, the room in which you watch TV, dining room and kitchen; being able to dim the lights in each of these rooms will either increase the ambiance or purely make using the room more pleasant.