Strategies For Protecting Your Wires From Rodents

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When rodents have infested the home, one of the biggest fears you likely have is that they will begin chewing on wires. Their teeth keep growing, so they will chew on anything to grind them down. Rodents are especially likely to try to live in your attic during the winter. The chewing on the wires destroys the insulation and causes the wires to overheat, potentially sparking a fire. Therefore, you will want your home electrical system to be designed to make it difficult for rodents to chew on the wires.

Cover The Wires

If your wires are not exposed and if it is not easy to reach them, rodents will not be able to chew on them. Sometimes, wires are simply run through walls with the wires touching the ground where they are easy for rodents to access. Cord clips can attach wires to a higher surface and keep them out of reach. Wires can also be protected by a concealed surge protector, which not only prevents rodents from chewing on wires, but also protect against power surges and lightning strikes.

Whenever possible, have your wires placed inside pipes or tubes. When the wires are too large to fit in a tube, you can enclose them in raceways. These are metal conduits that wires can pass through that protect them from heat and electromagnetic interference. Some raceways are plastic, but do not provide any protection against electromagnetic interference. However, the plastic is thicker and more difficult for rodents to chew through.

Inspect Wires For Damage And Replace Damaged Wires

After you have discovered that you have rodents, you will want to hire a residential electrician to inspect your wires to make sure that there is no damage. A wire with damage that is undetected can spark a fire and burn down your home. A common sign that your wires are being chewed is that electricity suddenly stops working on one side of your house. This indicates that a rodent caused a short nearby. You might also hear a popping noise when you flip a switch.

Other Signs That Your Home Has Rodents

In addition to having bite marks or being frayed, wires can have grease marks left behind by the rodent. Look for urine stains and droppings on the ground. You can often hear squirrels running around in the attic. While you can make your wires more resistant to rodents, this should always be done in combination with hiring a pest control specialist.