Two Reasons Your Generator Won't Power On

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The primary reason for purchasing a generator is to have a unit that will be able to handle all of your power generation needs. When your generator doesn't start, it isn't able to accomplish this goal. In many instances, the reason a generator won't start isn't that complicated. You just have to know what to look for. Here are just some of the reasons your generator might not start.

1. Coolant's Too Low

If the coolant in the generator is not at the correct level, it typically won't start. In the event it does power on, operating it with low coolant levels puts the integrity of the engine at risk. In many instances, the reason for the low coolant levels is either an internal or an external leak. Inspecting for an external leak is quite easy. Simply look on the underside of the generator for any puddles that look like something similar to gasoline that has been dyed red.

An internal leak might be more difficult to spot and may require a professional for an inspection. In addition to a leak, a coolant issue can also arise when the radiator cores get clogged. Whatever the reason for the low coolant levels a repair is necessary.

2. Air In the Fuel System 

If there is air in the fuel system, this can also prevent the generator from powering on correctly. This type of problem is more likely to occur in a generator that doesn't get used frequently. Each time the generator is started up, any that has built up in the line gets flushed out. However, when the generator sits for a long period of time, too much air builds up and the system is unable to flush it out, which ultimately prevents the generator from powering on.

When air builds up inside the fuel system, this prevents the injector from starting up which ultimately prevents the generator from powering on. If you don't rely on your generator often, the best way to avoid this issue is to periodically turn on the generator and let it run for a short period to help minimize the buildup of air.

While all of these tips can be helpful when trying to get to the bottom of the problem, there is no substitute for the skill and knowledge of a commercial generator repair service. If your generator is failing, make sure you are getting feedback from an industry professional for the best results.