Residential Electrical Problems That Should Never Be Ignored

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The electricity that powers your home is definitely valuable, but it can also be dangerous if it is not appropriately contained and distributed. As a homeowner, it is best if you take a little time to learn how to recognize signs that something is wrong when it comes to the electricity in your home. Here are a few electrical problems that you may see come up on occasion that should never be ignored and that should alert you to contact an electrician as soon as you can.

Problem: Dimming and flickering lights.

Cause and Solution: The electricity that runs through the wires to power lights in your home should be consistent and uninterrupted until you flip a switch. If you constantly experiencing dimming and flickering lights, it means that the current is being interrupted somewhere in the wiring. Often this problem is relative to old wiring with poor insulation, which allows some of the current to escape the wiring, and this is not a good thing. Talk to an electrician who can help you track down the faulty wiring and replace it.

Problem: Snaps and crackles when you use certain outlets or light switches.

Cause and Solution: The sound of electricity jumping circuits is one that you should recognize right away, and the snaps and crackles will often be heard when you plug something into an outlet or turn on a light switch. This noise means that there is a spark being thrown somewhere, often behind the switch or outlet cover, and this is incredibly dangerous. In most cases, the popping sound of arcing electricity means that you have damaged wiring, and this should never be ignored.

Problem: Intermittent current interruptions to appliances.

Cause and Solution: This is a particular problem if you live in an older home, because there is often an electrical panel that is lacking when it comes to providing sufficient power to modern appliances, which often demand a lot of energy. Unfortunately, this intermittent power can not only be damaging to your appliances and a major hassle, but it can be a fire hazard as well. You should have an electrician take a look at your electric panel to see if it does indeed need an upgrade.

Even though you may value everything that electricity does for your home, as a homeowner you also must appreciate just how dangerous it can be. If you are experiencing issues with your electricity, talk to a residential electrician, such as one from RDS Electric, right away for advice and information.