Why an Electronic Device Might Cause Circuit Breakers to Trip

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Did you just purchase a new entertainment system and now the circuit breakers are tripping a lot? You need to hire an electrician to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible, as you might cause a fire hazard if you always turn the circuit breakers back on.

What Can Cause an Electronic Device to Trip Circuit Breakers?

Circuit breakers trip when there is a risk for a fire hazard in your house. It is possible that the entertainment system requires the use of a lot of electricity that your outlets are unable to handle. You must keep in mind that each house is wired to handle only so much electricity, and it depends on the amount of amps in the electrical panel. You may need an electrical panel upgrade that can give the outlets enough power for the demand of modern electronics.

Frequent circuit break tripping may also stem from the entertainment system burning out the wires in the outlet. If you notice a burning smell after plugging the system up, it is likely coming from the outlet. Inspect the electrical cord to your entertainment system to make sure it did not melt from the wires overheating. You may also see discoloration on the outlet cover if the wires overheated. An electrician will have to remove the outlet cover and inspect the wires. He or she will also find out how many volts of electricity your outlets are able to handle by using a tool called a multimeter.

It is also possible that the entertainment system is the root of the problem. Even if you purchased the product new, it may have a defect. An electrician will be able to inspect the entertainment system when he or she troubleshoots the tripping circuit breakers.

What Kind of Fees Are Charged for an Electrical Repair?

The fees charged for an electrician to make repairs vary based on what is causing the circuit breakers to trip. You should expect to pay an hourly rate between $30 and $100. If the solution to fixing the tripping circuit breaker problem is an electrical panel upgrade, it will cost a minimum of $2,000 if you want 400 amps. However, a 400 amp upgrade can cost $4,000 on the highest end of the scale. Talk to a local professional electrician such as Chadwick Electric Services to discover why your entertainment system is making the circuit breakers trip.