Enhance Your Landscaping With Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

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If you have spent a lot of your time and money on the landscaping of your home, add even more beauty to it with low voltage landscape lighting. This lights up your yard at night so people can enjoy your landscaping at all times. Below are some tips on the types of lighting you can choose, and getting the lighting installed.

What's In The Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting requires power from your home and will use a transformer to give the lights the juice. You will also have to choose the type of bulb you want. This is determined by the color, brightness, width of the beam, and how much electricity they use. Fixture housing is also needed to protect the bulbs from the elements, and you will need stakes to hold the lights in place. A cable is also needed, which carries the current from the light through the power pack.

Landscape Lighting Power

Unless you are experienced, you may want to consider hiring an electrician to give your lights the power they need. The electrical contractor will dig a trench and bury all electrical cables in the ground so they are out of sight. The contractor will connect the cables together using a cable connector. They will then run the cables to where the power pack is located, which is placed near an exterior electrical outlet. The electrician will attach the power pack to the side of your home or onto a post. The electrician will also know the wattage level the power pack can support and make sure it stays within these levels. If you use more wattage than your power pack can handle, this can be a fire hazard, and you will notice the lights in your house dim when the outdoor lights come on.

Types of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

There are different types of fixtures you can choose for your low voltage landscape lighting system.  These types include:

You may want to consider hiring a landscape contractor to help you design your landscape lighting to ensure you are pleased with it when you finish. Contact a company like Mid City Electric for more information about the electrical needs of such a set-up.