Addressing a Couple of Common Electrical Problems Your Home May Encounter

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Under normal conditions, it is likely that you rarely think about the complex systems of wires and switches that provide your home with power. However, a malfunction in these systems can quickly cause major problems for your house. By becoming an informed homeowner when it comes to routine electrical concerns, you will be better at keeping your home safe from these issues when they arise. 

What Is Causing the Breaker Panel To Get Extremely Warm?

One day you may notice that your home's primary breaker panel is extremely warm to the touch or has started producing a burning smell. There can be numerous reasons for this problem to have started. Often, excessive energy demands are the culprit, and in these instances, you will either need to upgrade your home's wiring or reduce the amount of power that you use. 

Unfortunately, it is also possible for the insulation surrounding the wires to start to break down. This can arise due to the natural aging process of the wire insulation, or mice may have chewed on it. Either way, it can represent a major fire hazard for your home. If there is one breaker that seems much warmer than the others, you should turn it off to see whether this corrects the problem. Continue turning off breakers until the panel is no longer overheating, and avoid turning them back on until an electrician has inspected the issue. 

Do Flickering Ceiling Lights Represent a Safety Concern?

Another common issue that your home may experience is flickering ceiling lights. Often, this problem can be traced to a poor connection between the bulb and the socket. In these cases, simply tightening the bulb should correct the issue. When this fails, you should look to ensure the socket is not loose. The screws that home the socket into place can come loose as time passes, and they may need to be tightened. Before tightening them, make sure to turn off the breaker to the light and only use a screwdriver that has a rubber handle. 

In cases where these steps will not correct the problem, the issue is likely due to a loose wire in the ceiling. Repairing this will require professional help due to safety concerns, but most electricians will be able to repair this type of damage in a matter of hours. Contact a service like Action Electric to set an appointment.

When your home is unfortunate enough to encounter common electrical problems, it is important for you to be informed about handling these issues. Knowing what to do about an overheating breaker panel and flickering ceiling lights should make it easier for you to prevent these minor problems from disrupting life in your home.