Electrical Licensing: 4 Helpful Test Prep Tips

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Obtaining an electrical license is something [every] wishful electrician dreams of. Unfortunately, it is a difficult test, and not everyone passes the first time. But don't let that discourage you. With some time, dedication, and the proper study habits, you will pass the test. If you are studying for your electrical exam, utilize these four helpful study tips:

1. Know The National Electric Code

The National Electric Code is one of the most important parts of the test. It is a book of codes, laws, and regulations that you must know by heart. You probably won't be able to use the book, so study it religiously and take notes. Get familiar with the book and make sure you know how to use it, as you might be tested on it. So open the pages and learn where the most important parts of the book are, such as the index and appendix.

2. Know The State Requirements

Another thing you need to be familiar with are the states requirements. You do not need to know the requirements of every state, only the state you live in and plan to work in. So find a book or an online reference and study it. Take notes and make sure you know everything about safety procedures, inspections, rules, and regulations.

3. Take A Practice Test

If you are nervous about the real exam, try taking a practice test—or two, or three. Practice tests are designed to help you understand odd language, test requirements, and possible outcomes. So take advantage of these tests and use them. If you are feeling particularly anxious, try taking a test during the actual testing conditions. For example, give yourself a limited time and restrict your access to calculators and other tools that you may not be able to use during the test.

4. Get A Study Partner

Finally, consider getting a study partner. If you can find someone else who is planning to take the test, you both will benefit from studying. If you don't know anyone else taking the exam, find a friend or family member to study with you. Use flash cards, play games, and test your knowledge in a fun and relaxed setting. Be sure to also brush up vocabulary and basic test knowledge, such as algebra and English.

It is normal to be nervous before a big test—especially one that can help or hinder your career. However, you must remain calm. Use these tips to help you prepare for your electrical licensing exam.

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